The fools guide to the Paleo diet

I don’t do diets and so the thought of cutting out some of my favourite food groups terrifies me and the people that I live with (moooood swings!!) to the bone. But I am never one to shy away from a challenge, and so I am here to bring to you the raw (cough cough), no nonsense version of the Paleo diet. I will kiss my beloved mash potatoes away tomorrow (the 1st of October) and embark on a whole new journey into the world of meat and fresh food (doesn’t sound so bad) for 1 month. 

What is this craziness you may ask? 

The Paleo diet is based on the eating habits of our hunter and gatherer ancestors. Essentially if you can find or kill it in nature, you can eat it. For those of you who are sticklers for the rules, keep reading…



1. Eat your fruit and vegetables – yes mom

watch out for your potatoes (cry!) and watch that pesky natural sugar in fruit

2. No dairy

WHAT?? no milk in my tea (can you find tea in nature?). no butter! no yogurt, no ice- cream, no CHEESE!! what am I thinking 

3. Meat

Get your meat sweats on. Its the main part of your diet for the next month

4. No starch (yep – you cant eat it raw? you cant eat it!)

Goodbye sweet bread (and butter), goodbye rice and corn

5.No processed foods

See you soon Saturday morning fry ups

6. Go NUTS

Cashew, pecan, peanuts…but try and stick to just a handful a day – our ancestors didn’t have pick ‘n pay to nip to 

7. Booze (the MOST important)

I CAN DRINK WINE (bar its organic). This diet is not so bad. Organic beer also a goodie and you don’t even have to kiss goodbye your hardtack. a little vodka or whiskey never hurt anyone – more tips

8. Eat when you want 

eat when you hungry – YES! 

9. Portion sizes – all you can eat

Don’t stress about the portion sizes unless you are trying to lose weight – then you should limit your fruit (damn those sneaky natural sugars) and nut intake

10. Cheating

We’re all human. Cheat on special occasions

follow me through this adventure. Ill provide honest updates on moods, cravings, affects it has on training and on my general health. Ill also throw in any fun recipes I may come across and any tips  of how it affects  my mood, how its improves my training (impi challenge and gun run (21km), provide fun recipes and food substitutes. 


Lets do this! 


XOX Claire TSG

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